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Product Range

Ayrshire manufactures a range of different cold rolled steel framing systems to suit a variety of requirements.

Most of our product range is manufactured from S450 high grade zinc coated galvanised steel and are all available to order in various sizes and lengths.

Portal Frames

Welcome to Ayrshire Metals' cutting-edge Portal Frames! Manufactured from lightweight cold-formed steel sections, our frames are meticulously designed in accordance with BS5950-5 and SCI recommendations to effortlessly withstand the defined loadings of BS6399. Rigorous full-size testing has validated the robustness of our connections at Eaves and Apex, transforming them into rigid joints for unparalleled structural integrity.


Embracing elastic design principles, our portal frames boast pinned bases, allowing simplicity without compromising on strength. The integration of purlin and rail sections, seamlessly aligned with columns and rafters, not only reinforces lateral stability but also minimises the structural depth, maximising interior space within your building footprint.


The innovative SwageBeamTM section, an engineered 'C' section enhanced with strengthening 'Swages' along the web. These beams, ingeniously utilised back-to-back as compound 'I' sections, serve as the backbone of our main frames. Enhanced by specially crafted swaged brackets at critical junctions, our frames establish formidable connections at the eaves and ridge positions, guaranteeing enduring durability.


Streamlined yet versatile, our systems offer two profile depths—220mm or 300mm—to suit diverse project requirements. Installation is a breeze, with frames easily secured atop slabs using expanding anchor bolts. Choose from three standard roof pitches—5, 10, or 15 degrees—to tailor your structure to perfection.


Step into the future of construction with Ayrshire Metals Portal Frames—where innovation meets reliability, and every detail is engineered for excellence.

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