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Product Range

Ayrshire manufactures a range of different cold rolled steel framing systems to suit a variety of requirements.

Most of our product range is manufactured from S450 high grade zinc coated galvanised steel and are all available to order in various sizes and lengths.

Portal Frames

Ayrshire Metals Portal Frames consist of lightweight cold formed steel sections designed in accordance with BS5950-5 and SCI recommendations to resist the loadings defined in the appropriate parts of BS6399. Full size testing has shown that the connections at Eaves and Apex may be considered as rigid joints The frames are therefore elastically designed portal frames with pinned bases*. The purlin and rail sections are commonly the same depth as the columns and rafters and fit between them, thus ensuring lateral stability of the frame members and minimising the depth of the structural zone in order to maximise the amount of useful space inside the building for a given external footprint.


The SwageBeamTM section is a “C” section with stiffening ‘Swages’ rolled into the web. The beams are used back to-back as compound ‘I’ sections to form the columns and rafters of the main frames and are connected with special swaged brackets at the eaves and ridge positions that interlock to form strong connections. Single sections are used for the purlins and rails, which are fixed within the main frames with standard pressed cleats. Two systems are available using either a 220 or 300mm deep profile. The frames can be very simply secured to the top of a slab using expanding type anchor bolts. Three roof pitches are available as standard (5, 10 & 15 degrees).

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