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Product Range

Ayrshire manufactures a range of different cold rolled steel framing systems to suit a variety of requirements.

Most of our product range is manufactured from S450 high grade zinc coated galvanised steel and are all available to order in various sizes and lengths.

C Sections

Ayrshire Metals Ltd are Britain’s leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles.  With over fifty years’ experience and some of the most advanced production facilities, Ayrshire provide expert technical and manufacturing assistance to suit individual customer needs.


Cold rolled C Sections continue to be used extensively in storage platforms and are increasingly being used for a variety of alternative applications.


Ayrshire’s comprehensive range of C Sections has been extended, and utilising Grade S450 material, provides even greater choice, flexibility and design efficiency.  Load tables covering 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0mm gauge standard sections have been produced.


The wide range of sections (100 to 240 deep) on offer means that for almost any application the optimum solution can be obtained, leading to savings in material.


The use of high speed computer controlled production methods ensures that the widest range of sections can be manufactured cut to length and punched to individual requirements.


This, combine with Ayrshire’s reputation for customer service, means that a total service of quality, reliability and economy is achieved.

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