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Product Range

Ayrshire manufactures a range of different cold rolled steel framing systems to suit a variety of requirements.

Most of our product range is manufactured from S450 high grade zinc coated galvanised steel and are all available to order in various sizes and lengths.

Ayrshire Steel Framing

A growth market for the company over the past ten years has been in the development of lightweight galvanised structural beams used in a wide variety of construction projects.


Ayrshire has made significant progress in this area of construction, particularly structural walls and floors which have traditionally been built using masonry and timber.  Light steel framing offers an alternative approach for the construction of many types of buildings from domestic to medium rise.


Numerous benefits are available when compared with masonry and timber building structures. The load and span carrying capabilities of light steel frames makes this form of construction ideal for a wide range of applications which include: -


  • Light industrial

  • Buildings

  • Apartment buildings

  • Over-roofing of existing buildings


Ayrshire Steel Framing can be designed and detailed using Ayrsuite Plus software, featuring design optimisation that is able to establish the most cost effective selection of sections, bracings and openings.

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