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Discover the pinnacle of modern construction solutions with our comprehensive offerings. Leveraging the unparalleled strength and durability of cold-rolled steel, our portal frame structures form the backbone of resilient portal buildings crafted to withstand the test of time. The integration of purlins and steel joists forms a robust foundation, ensuring every project stands tall for generations to come. Our steel framing systems (SFS), featuring adaptable zed and zeta configurations along with versatile C sections and C profiles, redefine structural integrity, blending aesthetic grace with uncompromised strength.

Opt for steel stud-infused cladding rails for a modern aesthetic without sacrificing safety, and explore the benefits of LGSF and stick build components, which provide flexibility while adhering to the highest quality standards. Not to overlook our expertly designed pressed sections and top hat features that guarantee both visual appeal and unmatched stability. Add depth and utility to your space with our mezzanine floors, reinforced with the strength of lattice and swagebeam systems, presenting a harmonious blend of form and function.

We extend our innovation to the green sector, offering solar car ports and solar farms, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and forward-thinking design. Our modular buildings represent the future, embodying efficiency and adaptability to meet your evolving needs. Incorporate safety barriers and blast walls into your design to ensure safety without compromising on aesthetics.

At the heart of our offerings is an infill walling solution that promises a seamless and safe integration with your existing structures. Choose our comprehensive construction solutions for a future built on strength, innovation, and sustainability, encapsulated in each steel frame, rail, and modular building we create. Stand with us at the frontier of modern, sustainable, and safe construction solutions, a choice that guarantees not just quality, but a vision brought to life with expertise and precision.

Ayrshire Metals Limited

Providing the framework for the buildings of today, whilst designing the solutions for tomorrow.

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